How much does one pouch (1 quart) of Milk Paint Cover?

This is a question I get asked everyday and understandably so. Milk Paint comes in powder form in an adorable little pouch. How much is in there and how far will that go? At the end of my rambling answer, people are amazed, because this powered paint goes faaar.

One pouch is essentally equal to a quart of high quality paint..If mixed one part paint to one part water.. The wonderful thing about Milk Paint is YOU get to mix it however YOU you can add more water, less water, mix different colors together, thick, thin...your the artist. Your The Boss in charge of your paint mix. Feels good doesnt it?

Here is the basic, easy guideline I like to use to give an idea of what you'll need. (when mixing equal parts paint ) Especially when doing large projects like floors or cabinets:

(reg. stock at RV:)

Tester (30g) 8-10 ft² (a side table, several mirror frames or small chair)

1 Quart (0.5 lbs) 70-75 ft² (a dresser and a side table)

(special order stock:)

2 Quarts (1 lbs) 140-150 ft² (a large hutch)

5 lbs 700-750 ft² (a large dining room table with 8 chairs and sideboard)

10 lbs 1,400-1,500 ft² (large size kitchen, all cabinets and an island)

30 lbs 4,200-4,500 ft² (multiple large projects, a full size deck and large kitchen and flooring etc)

This is important since no 2 pouches of the same color are the exact same. Like snowflakes or my eyeliner application....So, if Im doing a really large floor project for example, I want to start out with the amount of a paint I am definitly going to need. Ill have to mix those 2+ pouches together (in powder form) to avoid *slight* variation of start-stop lines from pouch 1 to pouch 2+

Milk Paint distance depends on a few factors. Color and Mix. If you add more water to your paint, its going to go further than if you add less. For color; the lighter colors have less "fattening up" color pigments in there, so you may need to mix a thicker paint, use a color blocker to make coverage easier or do more coats to get your desired finish. Besides mixing them into paint, this does make using these lighter colors ideal for a "wash" or stain effect.

The medium or darker colors tend to go further because the clay pigments thicken and fatten making it really easy to achieve opaque coverage. They go a bit further than the lighter colors because of that.. I painted a large china cabinet in "Artissimo" (a dark favorite) and 1/2 cup of paint gave me 1 and a half coats.....whereas a 3 drawer dresser I painted in "Grainsack" (a soft off white) covered the drawer fronts. I needed to mix more paint up for the bod. No biggie.

Hope that clarifys and demistifies the coverage of a pouch if powered milk paint. The simple, straight forward answer: "further than you think"

To be Noted: RV can special order all listed above sizes of Milk Paint in any color in the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Line as well as the Homestead House Milk Paint Line. We also can special order in larger sizes (up to 1 Gallon) of Hemp Oil and Tung oil, as well as all waxes! So your dreams of wanting a 40 oz tub of white wax just came true!! Contact us for pricing.


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