What is Milk Paint?

I get asked every single day, "whats your favorite paint?" Chalk, acrylic and milk based paints are three completly different paints and I use and love them all. My personal paint shelf will always have these 3 mediums sitting on it..For which one I choose to use, it all depends on what Im painting, the look I want, or it comes down to color..plain and simple.

Milk Paint is one of the oldest paints in the world! Its been used for hundreds of years on furniture, barns and walls ..our ancestors knew what they were doing.. I grew up painting with milk paint..(a little less than "hundreds" of years ago tho *grin*) so its very user friendly.

Since the paint is in powder form, we get to mix it ourselves. I adore mixing it into whatever paint *I* want! That's a wonderful perk that makes achieving some finishes only possible with authentic milk paint. Its made of clay, limestone, chalk, casein (milk protein, which acts as the binder) and natural earth powdered pigments..thats it. Just add water. Authentic milk paint cannot be premixed and sold by the quart because of the natural organic compounds this paint has. Those make it 100% enviromentally safe and sound., with zero voc's. You can even compost your leftover mix.

The versatility of milk paint is absolutely wonderful. You can achieve virtually any look depending on how you mix the powder, and how much water you add to it. You mix a thicker paste like a tempera finish for texture, a thinner more translucent mix for a stain, or wash. You can get a very authentic aged finish with a chippy, or flaky, crackle paint look, or a solid opaque finish with no distressing at all. You can paint raw wood pieces or high varnished pieces. Milk Paint can even paint glass, Plus, this paint is perfect for indoors and outdoors since it wont fade in the sun. (thanks to those clay pigments and natual minerals)

My favorite "milk paint special feature"

Since each color is actually individual color pigments mixed together to make that color, there can be a very tonal variation to it as you paint. My brush picks up different pigments everytime I dip it as well as the different color pigments settle in the mix differently from each other. A shelf painted with Boxwood green, in some area's may be slightly more yellow, while another area could have a bit more blue to it, but the overall color is still Boxwood...Its a look I particularly love and can only be achieved with authentic milk paint. It makes a piece look like its been well worn and sun kissed over time. It can also be a very controlled paint, with even solid coverage for a more modern look....it just all depends on how *you* choose to mix it.

Milk paint can be mixed with other milk paint colors too..there's a whole world of "recipes" out there to create endless palettes..

I just love this paint.

Unused mixed paint keeps in the fridge for 5-7 days. Unmixed powder lasts forever.

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