What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint has been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. Remember Tom Sawyer and the whitewash fence? Frescos in the Sistine Chapel? All of these refer to some version of chalk paint. Using lime, pigment and magnesium (chalk) to create beauty is not a new invention..we just now have the modern convenience of being able to run down to your favorite decor store, ReVived Vintage, and buy a quart or two ready- made and ready to go.

Chalk, or calcium carbonate, is the main ingredient in my favorite, FAT Artisan Style Chalk Paint.

Real chalk paint is eco friendly..safely paint indoors with soap and water cleanup. It's easy to distress numerous ways for a very authentic, natural and soft velvet finish, which I just love. Plus, its that chalk that has the wonderful adhesion properties -- no heavy sanding, stripping or priming required . You can paint glass, metal, plastic, veneer..on and on and on... It self levels when applied properly so no brush strokes and when used with a top coat (I prefer all natural beeswax, hemp oil or an acrylic water based clear coat) its highly durable, protected and has a soft luster finish. Without the topcoat, its a dead flat matte look that's perfect for some finishes or use it as a chalkboard to write on. Really, I just adore this paint.


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