Wax Puck

Using a wax resist allows for easy distressing! For exact placement of distressed lines and edges press the wax along the edges where you would like to see the distressed antiquing effect between layers of paint. Anything that is applied on top of the waxed areas will easily distress without too much sanding! The paint underneath the wax will remain in place, and any paint applied on top of the wax will come off effortlessly, allowing for the perfect distressed look. This is a pure, 100% natural beeswax block.
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    How do I use it?
    Step 1 | Rub it over a surface prior to painting it. It can also be applied over another layer of milk paint (or another kind of paint), raw wood, stained wood, etc. Pretty much anything!

    Step 2 | Paint the piece, including the areas where wax was applied. It won’t appear different as the paint is being brushed on or as it’s drying. When you distress the finish, though, the paint will easily wipe or sand off the areas where the wax was applied. It acted as a “resist”, preventing the paint from sticking.


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