FUSION Tough Coat

FUSION Tough Coat


Our premium, non yellowing tough coat provides extra durability against general wear and tear, water damage and food stains. Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as table tops, seating, doors and floors. Can also be used to seal pieces prior to painting to avoid bleed-thru and can be tinted with our metallic tints for a shimmer effect. Very easy to apply using our synthetic gesso brushes or applicator pad

  • Details

    500 mL covers approximately 75 sqft. If applying to a recently painted surface, allow the surface to dry 12 hours before applying.
    For maximum durability, apply two coats waiting 2-4 hours between coats. In humid areas, longer drying times may be required.

    Clean Up: Soap and warm water.

    Tip: Be sure to gently mix your Tough Coat prior to using it as the matting agent and
    other ingredients may settle to the bottom. If you don’t mix it, you may get a shiny coat
    finish as the matting agent has settled to the bottom. Do not shake vigorously as this
    will cause air bubbles in your piece that are difficult to remove once applied.
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